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Our Attorneys have years of experience in many areas of law. We have helped clients in need of representation in everything from contract disputes and child custody issues, to DUI's and First Degree Murder charges. From purchasing your first home, to planning your final wishes, O'Connor Law has the experience to offer you quality and trustworthy counsel. ​​


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Results (just a few):

People V. C (Electronic Harassment) 

Our Client was accused of harassing his former employer after a work related dispute. We took the case to trial and and proved to the judge that our client was NOT GUILTY.

People V. H (Unlawful Use of Weapon/Possession of Handgun ) 
Our Client was pulled over for a traffic stop. Police searched his vehicle and found a handgun. We filed a motion to dismiss based on an illegal search by Police. The Judge agreed and the case was DISMISSED.

FS V. J (Breach of Contract) 
Our Client was being sued by a contractor for failing to pay for work done on the client's house. We filed a counter-suit, arguing that the contractor breached the contract first by providing low quality work. We took the case to trial and our client was found NOT GUILTY. 

P V. P (Order of Protection) 
Our Client's ex-girlfriend sought an order of protection against him, claiming she feared for her safety and that our client was dangerous. At trial, we proved that she in fact was the dangerous one, and that she was harassing our client.  Case DISMISSED.